Moonlust - Kallysten The concept for this book is an interesting one. It's what drew me to this book in the first place. Unfortunately, it lacks the necessary development to be an amazing story.

For one, the blurb is a bit more informative than the actual story is. Whereas the blurb allows readers to know the storyline is essentially caused by 'laineards’ mating season' the book never actually states the reason the pheromones from the 'animal compound' is in the air and how it actually affects them. Since I didn't read the blurb right before I started the book, I had no knowledge it was a mating season that caused their lust, I just thought the air on the planet was permanently like that. That along with a few other minor details makes this book feel incomplete if, and only if, you read the blurb.

I enjoyed these characters because you can feel the sexual tension between them and it just escalates when they come into contact with the pheromones from the laineards. Unfortunately, while there is a lot of sexual tension there is also a lot of sex. That's cool and all but it was too much for me especially when the story lacked the explanation and descriptions I so desperately wanted. However, I really did love these characters. Kar forces himself to always be in control of his desires and since he is the captain, it's even more crucial for him to keep his hands off his two-man crew. Jay is a stubborn smart-ass while Will is eager, overly sexed but always enthusiastic. The occasional banter and arguing was definitely worth it.

So, while I loved the characters and the premise, I didn't much like the lack of world-building and too much sex. This would have been an awesome story if it just had more detail and less smexing. :-/