Moonlight Becomes You - Piper Vaughn, M.J. O'Shea This was a great story. I really enjoyed it. I meant to write this as soon as I finished reading it but I was kind of lazy (sorry!).

I loved all these characters, both primary and secondary. Some were blunt, arrogant and loud while others were charming, calm and laid back. Shane is one of the main characters in this book but we experience him when he feels self-conscious and kind of depressed. We only get his POV so we learn all about him, his past mistakes and his regrets. One of the things he regrets is essentially agreeing to kick his first love, Jesse, out of their band when it was starting to take off. Granted he really didn't have a choice in the matter, and he was only the messenger, but he still chose the band over Jesse without fighting it. Ever since then, Shane has relied on drugs, alcohol and sex to try and cover up the misery he feels over his mistake. Now, over a decade after the incident with Jesse, Shane finally decides to quit with the booze, drugs and anonymous sex. That's when he meets Kayden from the band Moonlight. Kayden is charming, sweet, and funny to everyone but Shane and his brother, Nicky. To them, Kayden is a whole different person. He's cold, rude and sneers at them constantly. Shane can't understand it but he's hurt because Kayden is the first person Shane has been able to think about non-stop since Jesse.

Like I said, I loved the characters. I liked Shane the most even with what he did to Jesse. Kayden was kind of an ass for most of the book but he had his reasons and after learning of them, I started to like him more. In my opinion, though, Shane deserved to get deceived by Kayden. After all, Kayden is Jesse revamped. Jesse wanted to get his revenge on Shane after how much Shane hurt him and he did by making Shane desire Kayden and then essentially shunning him. The plot is an interesting one. It held my attention throughout the whole story and the detailed description of how the songs felt to Shane was very enthralling. I loved reading about that since most of the time when reading a rockstar book, authors tend to leave out the music part of the story so I always feel a little cheated. That's one of the things I loved about this book. I could feel and imagine what the songs were like, the way the characters moved onstage, the adrenaline they felt during their performance. It was awesome.

My only problem with the story was Shane's feeling towards Jesse compared to Kayden. Shane said he loved Jesse a lot but then Kayden came around and Shane's feelings for Jesse went kind of MIA. Just didn't feel right to me. Now, granted Kayden is Jesse but Shane didn't know that. In fact, you'd think Shane would love Jesse just as much as he loved Kayden but it didn't feel that way to me. Shane kept making comments about only ever feeling the way he felt about Kayden. Well, Kayden is Jesse so why didn't Shane feel the same way about Jesse? I'm probably confusing as shit right now but this is what went on in my head. If Kayden is Jesse, Shane should love Jesse as much as Kayden and vice versa. But I didn't feel the love Shane had for Jesse. And since Shane loved Kayden more, it made me wonder why he did? Then it started me thinking of maybe Shane loved Kayden more than Jesse because Jesse's new alterego is now skinny and perfect whereas before Jesse was short, pudgy and nerdy. That's probably not the reason at all but I took offense to that. Don't ask why. It makes sense in my head but once I put it into words, I confuse even myself. *sigh*

All in all, I really liked this story. It was interesting and held my attention. I loved the characters and the descriptive music. It's definitely something I'll recommend anyone looking for a good rockstar book. I can't wait for the sequel.