Magic Slays -  Ilona Andrews 4.5 stars

This is definitely my favorite M/F series. Kate is still such a snarky badass and Curran is so sexy with his roars and his possessiveness. I absolutely love it.

I love the world-building and the fact that Kate is starting to become more advanced in her powers. She's using it more and more and every time she uses it, she gets that much closer to practicing and controlling it.

I loved the plot for this story. With each book something more extreme happens, no doubt slowing building up to the fight with Roland. While I loved the book, the beginning was a bit slow with all the information we needed to know to fully understand the conflict within the story and Kate wasn't as much as a badass as in previous books. I liked it better when she would kill things first then ask questions but now she has to be diplomatic because of her Pack status so it wasn't as suspenseful. Although the last half of the book has enough suspense for me to still love the book even if the ending was a bit rushed for me At least the part with how to fix Julie felt a bit rushed to me

Overall, definitely recommend the series. It's my favorite and I can't wait until the next book comes out which isn't until 2013 :'-(