Boots for the Gentleman  - Augusta Li, Eon de Beaumont 3.5 stars

I want to state for the record before I go on with my review that anything I write is my opinion (naturally). Others might feel differently than I do especially if they compare what they read to what I've shelved this book under. They'll most likely completely disagree with half those shelves but I feel they pretty much explain the book from my eyes.

With that said, this book, honestly, blew me away. There were, of course, things I didn't like about it but the world-building and the details and descriptions held me captivated. It was stop and go for me. At times, all I wanted was for the book to be over. I felt annoyed and scoffed at how some things were possible but other times I was glued to my kindle. I wanted the story to go on and on and never stop. Even with the menage.< And even with the quasi-cheating (see my status comments if you want to know more about that). I was, literally, hanging on the edge of my seat, chewing my lip and unconsciously moving my legs whenever one of the many suspenseful scenes happened.

The book is definitely a unique one. Others might feel disgusted with some of the content in this book but I enjoyed it overall. It's told strictly from Querrilous Knotte's POV. He's an extremely adventurous, slightly egotistical, bold, selfish thief. He wants what he wants and that's mainly to live and have his ex-lover, Reginald Whitney, in his arms again. Unfortunately, Reg just wants to do his duty and marry and have kids. When pointed to a certain house, Querry becomes intrigued with it and eventually finds a clockwork doll. An extremely attractive, intriguing, innocent doll that has a thirst for anything new who eventually names himself Frolic. It's not long before everything comes to light including the trios eventual love for each other, the reason for Frolic's existence and how Frolic could be manipulated in the worst way.

All these characters are very interesting. Frolic was my favorite. He is an extremely fascinating character with his naivety and the things he does. I found him just adorable. Querry and Reg, I wasn't as in love with them. For one, Reg annoyed me in the beginning but by the end of the story, I liked Reg more than I liked Querry. Mostly because Querry is just an idiot. I wanted to smack him a few times so he'd start making sense and stop talking nonsense. Still, I did like him just not as much.

A lot of things happen in this book, most of it around the discovery of Frolic and his purpose. It causes a lot of chaos that requires a lot of fighting. In all honesty, I was surprised by this story, it wasn't anything I was expecting. For one, there's the menage. I didn't know about it until after I received the book. For all those wondering, it was actually not so bad. The romance wasn't really the main focus of the book and I appreciated that. I think also the fact that Frolic is a doll helped me get over my menage hang-ups. Also the fact that there's not many sex scenes helps as well ;-P. Another thing that surprised me was the storyline and suspense. The blurb doesn't do enough justice to how much excitement is in this book. That kept me reading the book till the end. Although a few times I wondered how the hell Querry could still be alive with everything he's been through, one thing after another. This boy must have gotten beaten up and shot more times than any person possibly could and still live! Lucky bastard, that's what Querry is.

As much as I enjoyed the book, I had a few problems with it. My main problem was with the detail. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the detail. I enjoy good world-building and a lot of detail. I'm a visual person. Unfortunately, some of the details given were detailed in a manor that I could not picture at all. It left me confused sometimes on how something could be beautiful to these characters when all I envisioned was something disgusting or ugly. Another problem I had was the 'cheating' that happened after, even though it wasn't said, Querry and Frolic were in a relationship. There's stipulations to what happened, of course, but from what I read, Querry could have tried harder to stop something from happening. If you want to know more about what I'm talking about, just ask me or read the comments under my status. I'd be more than happy to explain. At least, as much as I can explain. Lol Aside from that, I had a few questions over a few things in the book that I hope get answered in the next book. Like, what will Querry, Frolic and Reg do now? There's a bit of an explanation at the end but it didn't really answer my question. What happened to Jean-Andre? Will he contact Querry again? What happened to Lizard? What happened to the gentleman and Kristof? What is the gentleman's real name? Why did he make that comment about his and Querry's future together? What did it mean? Will Querry, Frolic and Reg try to stop any future clockworks of mass destruction from happening? How is it possible for Frolic to go from despondent, sad and kind of miserable after being brought back from the dead and after watching his other clockworks destroyed to happy and lovable again? What changed between the resolution and the epilogue? I have a lot more questions, too :(

Overall, I DID enjoy this book. The steampunk and paranormal themes held me hooked throughout the whole book. There's some things that dimmed my enjoyment, however, so the only people I can really recommend this to are people who DON'T have any problems reading about unconventional and unique elements. Other than that, I think whoever reads this will appreciate the detail and work put into this world. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.