Love Is In The Hallways (Love, #2) - R.J. Scott This one was a little more angsty than Love Is In The Title which suited me just fine! I enjoyed it very much and seeing how Cam and Luke would deal with their new relationship in a school setting. It deals more with coming out and the fears Luke has even though everyone already knows he's gay. It's more Luke's fears regarding what could possibly happen between him and Cam if things get too stressful or too heated in school.

I liked it very much and it left me with the same silly grin I had with the first book. My only fault was I felt it ended way sooner than it should have. I suppose I was just hoping to see Cam and Luke actually walk into school holding hands. Whereas that never happens so I was a little disappointed we didn't get to see Luke put his new found confidence in Cam into action.

Other than that, I really loved this short, little story. Definitely looking forward to reading more about Cam and Luke and their relationship. Definitely recommended :)