The Usual Apocalypse (The Society #2) - Christine  Price 4.5 stars

In all honesty, I'm kind of speechless on what I want to say in this review. I absolutely loved this book. It caught my attention and held it to the point all I wanted to do with my day is read it. I loved it so much, I'm willing to overlook a few things but it's still so hard for me to properly rate the story. God, why can't GR just give us half stars?!?!

Matt is a detective for an agency that deals with paranormal crimes. He meets Brennan when he makes a promise to someone on a previous case to find his brother. The attraction is instantaneous and a relationship flares to life between them. When a well loved agent is killed in her home, Matt is assigned to find her killer and close the case she was working on. In doing so, he puts not only himself, but Brennan in danger, learns stuff about himself he never knew and comes to terms with his hidden fears.

I loved both Matt and Brennan. Matt is spunky. He's a balls to the wall type of guy, one who no one can lie to. Or at least, mostly no one can lie to him. Brennan can. He's an unusual type of guy who has the ability to read minds. Bren can dig through your mind and take from it whatever he wants. He has an eclectic type of character and style and seeing these two together was a real treat. Very entertaining and put a smile on my lips because neither of these men are used to being in a relationship with feelings as strong as they have for one another. It was fun just seeing them work through those feelings and the shock they gave themselves when they realized what those feelings were. I honestly did love it.

The mystery of the story was a good one. I guessed who the killer was about half way through the book but the anxiousness and anticipation I had about being proven right or wrong along with the little niggle of doubt I felt made the story even more enjoyable than it already was. The suspense throughout a majority of the story had me hanging from the edge of my seat.

While I loved the story, there were some things I had a problem with and I suppose was a little disappointed wasn't elaborated on. First off, I felt the ending was a little rushed. After we know for sure who the killer is, I felt like it was resolved within a chapter or two. I was hoping for that to be dragged out. Mostly, I just wanted to see what Umbra does to the killer after he gets his shadowy hands on him. I think that was what I was most disappointed on. I would have liked to see more of Umbra and Matt's relationship especially after Matt finds out Umbra is his father. I guess I was hoping for a little more solid conclusion to whether or not they are going to pursue the father/son relationship or not. I was also hoping to get more of an idea on what Matt's powers were and what he can do with them now and how they can help him with the job he has.

Also, I had a little trouble piecing together what Patterson and Graham had in common. What the link was that connected them to the case. Although, I suppose it could have just been two separate mysteries but they felt connected in a way. Which could have been possible from the doctor. I'm talking in circles now. Either way, I was a little confused on that. There was also a few errors in the book. Mostly where the characters would be talking in one place then during the same discussion something would describe them being somewhere else. For example, Matt and his assistant, Tate, were in a stopped elevator talking and within two sentences Matt was described as leaning back in his desk chair.

Even with all that, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I'm seriously considering going back and reading the first one in the series (a menage) as well as look forward to any other book in this series (hopefully it's Morgan's book!). Although, IMO, I do NOT think it's imperative to read the first book - [b:In Darkness Bound|9217374|In Darkness Bound|Christine Price||14097224]. I was perfectly fine without reading it. Wasn't lost or confused about any terms.

This is definitely a book I'll be recommending to as many people as I can. So, everyone should totally buy this book and read it ;-P