Under the Skin - Nicki Bennett,  Ariel Tachna 3.5 stars

This was a tough one to rate and review. Mostly because I had a major problem with it but then I absolutely love the ending so it's a toss up with what I want to rate it.

I have a ton of feelings towards this book but the one feeling that stands out the most is amazement. Amazement at how much these two MCs are like magnets to a fridge. I'm dead serious. They could not stand to be away from each other for long and when they were together they couldn't stand to NOT touch each other. It's sweet and cute but at the same time extremely frustrating. Alexei and Patrick are definitely passionate men, they have a chemistry that sparks off the pages. I loved them both because of that and because of their need for each other. The feelings they couldn't verbally say but expressed in their voices and the nicknames they have for each other. I enjoyed seeing them suffer when the other was away or when they couldn't be around each other.

The plot was a good one. A mobster meeting a cop and then unintentionally creating a relationship out of the 'meetings' they held together for information. I enjoyed it. I lived for the moments when I could see the plot evolve and grow. Unfortunately, the biggest fault of this book is the sex. I felt like I was drowning in it. Any time Alexei and Patrick would get together, there'd be sex and sometimes even when they weren't together there'd be sex :-/. And there were a lot of scenes where they are together and even some flashback scenes of them having sex. In fact, I'd say a majority of the story revolves around the sex instead of the actual plot.

What plot there is, like I said, is a good one. I was excited about this book because there's not many mobster books out there so I was anxious to read this. In some ways, this book filled all my expectations of it but in other ways I was disappointed. I don't like to read books filled with more sex than plot. It's not something I enjoy and I suppose I should have known this book would be something like that since the few books I've read from this duo has been pwp but I held out hope I'd enjoy this story.

In the end, I did but I did not. In my opinion, the story was slow in all areas but the sex department. Still, I enjoyed the book for what it was but I still want more of Alexei or I should say Mikhail now and Patrick. But I want a book about who these characters are. Not just how much they can scorch up the sheets.

I will say that a big redeeming factor in this story was the ending. I absolutely loved it. It left me with a silly little grin and an occasionally giddy giggle because of how these two end up making it work.