In the Wings - Michael St. Anthony It took me a while to read this one for a variety of reasons. These reasons, however, are completely biased.

Adrien is a genius of a pastry chef. His talents are ultimately what gets the catering company he works for hired at a big event where he meets Tom, an up-and-coming composer. There's an instant spark between the two that quickly blossoms into love. However, while Adrien's love life is blooming, his personal life is falling apart. He'll have to learn how to handle a new job doing something he's never done before, deal with the threat of his past while trying to help his boss' nephew come to terms with who he is and trying to figure out if his love for Tom is more important than his dreams.

I couldn't really connect with the MC, Adrien. I didn't really understand him because of the way he thought and the actions that he did. I liked the other MC, though, Tom. He's a bit of a shallow character but he was likable in a simplistic way. I enjoyed the scenes that had them together and the banter they could swap back and worth for long lengths of time.

I did have a lot of conflict with this story. From the beginning I couldn't get into it because of a simple matter. The woman, Jess Babineaux. I have to say that I read m/m to enjoy the men in these books. When there are female characters I expect to not get certain details about them and that includes how beautiful, gorgeous and captivating a woman is over and over. And for that matter, I don't want an MC, that is supposed to be gay, constantly thinking about said woman. In the beginning, whenever Jess was brought into the picture it seemed like Adrien would go from thoughts of a gay guy to thoughts of a straight guy in a matter of a sentence, giving detailed descriptions about how lovely and flirty Jess was, how her laugh made him tingle or get warm, the curvaceousness of her curves, etc. I'm sorry but that is not something I like to read about in m/m especially when Jess was given more details than any of the other men in the book.

That right there set the tone for this book. I did not enjoy the parts with Jess in them. Unfortunately, a big part of the book revolves around Jess which made this almost excruciating to finish and almost impossible to like. It also made me more critical with the other conflicts in the story and as such I just could not believe there were no repercussions for what Adrien did in his past. The end felt too rushed to me and the conflict around Mark, Adrien's boss' nephew, seemed like a convenient way to tie up the threat with Adrien's past. I'm also left with a lot of questions, most of them about Adrien's past but a few about Mark, how him finding things out didn't make sense fully to me and some questions about Tom.

With that said, I did enjoy the parts solely based on Tom and Adrien's budding relationship. I unfortunately cannot recommend this book. I can, however, suggest to take what I've said into consideration and if you are still on the fence whether to try it or not, I would encourage you to try it because every book hated by one is loved by another.