Conquest - S.J. Frost One of the reasons I've waited so long to read this is because of how long it is. I sometimes get intimated by long books because that means there will no doubt be a lot of sex scenes (I'm like a nun here, less is more when it comes to reading sex, IMO. XP). However, even though it took me forever to finally read this book, I did enjoy it a lot.

I loved all these characters. From Jess' arrogance to Evan's possessive to Brandon's protective tendencies to how funny Kenny was and even to how much I hated Greg and Tom. Jess is the typical egotistical rockstar, even though in the beginning he's not actually a rockstar. He still has the stadium sized ego to go with his arrogance. Evan was a surprise. Whereas he's the actual rockstar, he's pretty down to earth and easy going. Even when going into a shady neighborhood and getting his nice SUV striped, he was calm about it (that was also a very funny scene). I think these two definitely are a cute couple and made most of the book sweet. That's parts that weren't sweet were a bit angsty but I ended up enjoying that part the most. I suppose I loved to see them both suffer :P

While I enjoyed the story, the beginning had too much sex for my liking. I felt like once Jess and Evan met it was just a long sex scene for a few chapters. It put me off a bit and I had to take a break more than once because it was hard for me to get passed them. I finally just started skimming/skipping pages of it because I wasn't interested in that. In addition to the abundance of sex, there was major head-hopping going on. It confused me a time or two on what was happening and who was saying it.

I have to say, though, one of the highlights of this book was the music and the band. Whenever I read about musicians or any type of job really, I want to know the details of what their doing especially if it's a big part of the theme. In this case, becoming rockstars was the main focus (aside from the romance, of course). So, to my delight there was more than I expected about music in this book. Lyrics, descriptions of instruments, descriptions of shows and concerts, studio recordings. I was very impressed with that and that right there made up for the numerous sex scenes.

All in all, I quite enjoyed this one. It's definitely recommended to any rocker lovers out there and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series and seeing Jesse and Evan getting a true HEA.