Last Call Europe: Black Wolf - Belinda McBride I love, love, love this book. I don’t know about you but I haven’t read many BDSM books where the bigger, stronger, man is the submissive. The sex scenes were super hot, especially the epilogue, funny and sexy at the same time.

It was very easy for me to connect with both Jasper and Brutal. While Jasper was a light, free-spirited guy, Brutal was the exact opposite with his stern, dangerous vibe. Brutal’s fear of commitment and abandonment and closeted submissiveness are smoothed out by Jasper’s instinctual understanding of how to draw Brutal out of that closet and show him how good things could be when accepted. And, I loved how everything works out not just with Jasper and Brutal but with Brutal’s family as well. The action scene was a little short but just as intense as the sex scenes.

I loved just about everything of this book. The parts where Jasper chased after Brutal and then realized it was a waste of time and how Brutal still came back even though he didn’t have to, and his evasiveness of saying the 'L' word, was very sweet. I think everyone will enjoy this book; it’ll put a smile on your face and even if you don’t like it, you’ll most likely enjoy the epilogue just for how creative Jasper gets with Brutal on his birthday. ;-)

For spoilers go here.