Unspeakable Words - Sarah Madison This was a very amusing, short story. I enjoyed it very much and I'll definitely be reading it again.

Jerry Parker is a hard guy to get along with. He's basically a genius dedicated to his job but is so anal he's hard to work with. He's bitter because he's the 'go to' man when people need help but he's always taken off cases before he can finish one. John Flynn is the opposite. He's an adrenaline junkie with an almost perfect case record. He gets the case and he finds the criminal. When they're paired together on the one case Flynn could never solve the sexual tension sparks and their personalities clash. Then Flynn gets stuck with something he never thought was possible making their situation even worse.

I honestly have to say I loved this book. The characters were extremely amusing with their own little quirks. Jerry's knack for always thinking the worse to Flynn's way of always finishing Jerry's sentences. While the characters aren't deep, there are a couple of mentions about their past that make them just this side of real, in their own way.

The mystery behind the story was a bit weak but that's not the main focus of the story. The main focus is the tension between Jerry and Flynn and how they react when Flynn gets hurt and gains an unusual ability. Then they have to learn to live with that which just makes it awkward all around. I wished the book had been longer because it felt too short but besides that the only thing I was curious about was with the box that electrocuted Flynn. Nothing was said about what it was or why it shocked Flynn and gained him the ability to read people's minds. I was hoping for a little conclusion on that. I have to say I loved the ending. It was very entertaining seeing Jerry work through his kidnapping and how Jerry and Flynn work things out.

All in all, I loved the story. I wish it had been longer but I'm hoping there will be more from these two someday. Definitely recommended.