By Any Other Name - Tia Fielding 3.75 stars

Ménages are the kind of stories I have the most problems with because I put a lot of expectations on them. The relationship needs to be believable and I want to feel like there's a connection between all three MCs. I want to know one MC isn't being left out from the other two and that's my biggest problem with ménages because I never feel like it's an equal relationship.

This book right from the start pulled me in. It had more to do with how damaged Skye was then anything else. If there's something I can't resist it's emotionally messed up guys. And that right there is Skye. In a way, it's also Thom and Dru, too. Each of these men have their own problems that made me fall in love with them all. Skye is physically and emotionally damaged because of what a relative did to him growing up, Dru has abandonment issues because of his cold parents and Skye leaving when he was younger, and Thom is so insecure thinking he's not good enough for much younger, more attractive Dru and Skye. It was all very heartbreaking for me and made it a story I fell right into.

The story is much more than just these three guys coming together and making a relationship work. It's about them all finding themselves and in Dru and Thom's case finding something in themselves they never knew was missing. It's about Skye healing from the hell he's been through, realizing he deserves what they can give him and the support he needs from Thom and Dru. It's about much more than that, too, but I think it'll depend on how you take this story if you'd agree with me on those or not. What I loved about this story, though, was how much I felt like each of them did love the other. Not just two loving each other more than the third but all as equals. I felt like they spent time all together but then in individual couples, too, so it felt like their love for each other was of the same amount and not just more for one than the other.

I honestly loved this story which is a complete shocker because I'm hard to sell on stories like these but I honestly believe I loved it so much because of how damaged these characters are. There were some things I didn't like that either annoyed the piss out of me or frustrated me. For one, while the friend, Kara, was sweet and nice, I hated her. I hated how she got to see Skye's scars before even Thom or Dru did. I hated that she was all over Skye when she knew Skye would never love her especially since she knew Skye loved Thom and Dru. But what I hated MOST about her was how I felt like she was pressuring Skye to move away with her. It just felt like she was manipulating Skye's indecision about leaving. She just took advantage of Skye's fight with Dru and pressured him into going with her. She was supposed to be Dru's friend but yet she was completely selfish and disregarded how much Dru wanted Skye. It annoyed me so fucking much! And I really hated that Skye broke his promise to never leave Dru after talking to Kara for a little while. It made me not like Skye as much because of how easy he let Kara convince him, even if it was as off-hand as she made it, to leave.

I felt like the story was going strong but then it started to lose some of it's steam towards the end. I think that has more to do with how it was played out. I wanted to see more of their new relationship but instead after Skye made the decision to stay the months after that were glossed over and told in a few pages instead of actually seeing it. I was a little disappointed with that because of what they went through I wanted to see the start of their new relationship as one couple instead of a couple and a friend.

All in all, I loved the story. The characters and their problems fascinated me. I had some problems with it but in the end I was glad I read it. I think those readers who enjoy ménages will definitely like this one. Recommended.