Raven and the Wolf (Eyrder Saga, #1) - Mari Evers 4.5 stars

I've held off writing this review because I honestly don't know how to write what I feel towards this book. The best I can say is if you liked Prisoner then you'll probably like this one as well. Don't misunderstand me, this book isn't like Prisoner at all but more of the feelings I had while reading Prisoner I had while reading this one. And considering Prisoner is my all time favorite book, that says a lot.

I absolutely adored it. This is exactly the kind of story I love reading about. It has lovable characters, a fascinating world, action and suspense, sexual tension like you cannot believe and an overall sweet romance when it finally develops.

My heart bled for these characters. With Raven's somewhat horrible childhood and the situation Breyre is in when Raven first sees him had my heart aching for these two. I will tell you that this story holds a few surprises. For one, while Raven is effeminate looking he is in no way a girly character. He's strong, broken at times, courageous and is all around a very sweet, polite but sometimes shy, character. He's just as much a hero as Breyre is and in a few scenes is the one to save the day. Breyre on the other hand is the opposite. He's big and solid, broken too but in a completely different way. He's blunt, brash and dismissive. He's a hard man but he handles Raven with such gentleness it's very heartwarming.

This book has a lot of suspense and action. At times I wished there had been more of it, mostly on some fights that weren't exactly ellaborated on but overall I enjoyed each and every scene because it made my heart speed up. The plot is definitely an intriguing one. I think the blurb doesn't really do the book justice but in the end, it's so much more than words can even describe.

While the world building is good, it could have been better. I was curious about everything but some of the questions I had were never answered when it came to the world and culture of Breyre. I suppose that was my only problem with the book. I was curious about Raven and his abilities but they weren't described in greater detail so he's still somewhat of a mystery when it comes to his magic.

All in all, I loved this book so much! It's part of a series and I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next one. I hope we get more of Breyre and Raven in the future. Most definitely recommended.