Hawk's Landing - Carol Lynne
"I have no doubt there are readers who will feel a bit cheated by this story because I didn't go into why Kit is who she is. Who is it for anyone to question another's choice? Kit is who she is. We all love gay erotic romance, but I don't believe we expect an author to justify why a man is gay. For me, the purpose of this story is to allow Kit to be who she is without apologizing or trying to dissect her psyche. I wanted Kit to have a man who would respect and love her. In that, I feel I've given Kit the happily-ever-after she would've written for herself if she could have. I hope you will fall in love with Kit. I know I did."

That is the Author's Note given in the beginning of this book. And I agree with it 100%. If you are looking for a transgender book that gives a lot of details about why a person is like that, look somewhere else because you won't find it here. This story is about giving Kit the safe, comfortable life she deserves after going through a rough childhood. It's NOT about understanding why Kit is the way she is.

I absolutely loved this book. It's possibly my favorite book out of the whole series. I fell in love with Kit and her low self-esteem. It broke my heart with the way she thought sometimes but I still loved her. I loved Hawk even more because of the way he treated and understood Kit. He never judged her for who she is. He accepted and embraced it.

I loved the direction this book went. At first, we see Hawk accepting Kit and Kit ultimately accepting herself. Then we see Hawk and Kit start to build a relationship with Joey, Rance and Bo. I enjoyed all that. I wished there had been a few more moments with Joey but Bo and Rance accepting Kit made up for that.

Overall, I'll be reading this one again. It'll hold a special place in my heart and I thought Ms. Lynne did a wonderful job giving Kit the HEA she deserved. Recommended :)