Seducing C.C. - Ariel Tachna I enjoyed this one. I DO think it should have been titled Seducing Astro, though. XP

The characters and the camping descriptions fascinated me. I love it when books give details on things I don't normally know about because I feel like I'm experiencing them for myself. I will say if you don't like overly descriptive things then stay away from this book because a big portion of it is all about camping, repelling, climbing, etc. I loved it but others won't.

I liked the characters a lot. At first, I wasn't sure what to make of either of them but they warmed up to me. They are likable characters if you take them as they are and what they do, NOT what they've done in the past.

I was really enjoying this one a lot. There wasn't that much sex in the beginning and that helped me love this book. A little after the 50% mark, though, a few things happened that dimmed my enjoyment of it. Some in the book, some outside the book but mostly that's when the sex started to happen. I WOULDN'T say the last half is all sex but there was a lot. Most of it was mostly handjobs and blowjobs, so not really that much anal penetration. Either way, I was loving the book and then I was only liking it.

However, I loved the ending. It was very sweet and that bumped my rating up a little because of it.

Overall, I liked the book a lot because of the plot but the sex was a bit too much for me. I'd still recommend it, though.