Blood Howl  - Robin Saxon, Alex Kidwell 4.5 stars

I enjoyed this one a lot. I was sucked in right from the start with Jed's wit and Redford's innocence and I didn't want to put it down once I started.

I really loved both these characters. Jed is ex-Special Forces. He has a somewhat unconventional humor. He's witty, mouthy and hides his true self by being smart-mouthed, arrogant and overly confident. Red is the exact opposite, he's timid, meek and shy. He's essentially afraid of what he is and of hurting people. From the moment they meet it turns both their lives upside down and makes for one interesting story.

In all honesty this plot was very entertaining. It's suspenseful at times and sweet at other times. Even the parts that had me confused I was enjoying because of the reactions from both Jed and Red. The only downfall to this book was the numerous questions I still have left. The book could have been exceptional if the world around werewolves and the pack leader was more detailed. Understanding why the alpha wanted Red so bad and why he does what he does was head-scratching because never once is it said why the alpha would hire Jed to get Red instead of getting Red himself.

With that said, I really loved this book. I heard it's part of a series and I can't wait to read either more about Jed and Red or what comes next. Definitely recommended.