Reverb - Jet Mykles This one is a hard one to rate. I generally love Jet Mykles' books. And this one, in some context, is no different.

I loved the characters even when I wanted to kill them. Their feelings for each other were genuine enough for me to believe it. I felt like the trials they went through to get where they ended up was both heartbreaking and entertaining but at the same time frustrating. I would definitely consider this an angsty book. No tissues needed but a clench of the heart here and there may happen. And while I wanted to stop reading a few times because something happened, a majority of the time I just couldn't put it down.

With that said, I had a lot of trouble with this book. I felt like I got knocked over the head with too many overly descriptive females. Now, don't misunderstand, I don't have a problem with female characters in general but when I'm reading a m/m book and all the females are being described in details like 'her freckles were like cinnamon in milk' or 'her cleavage was perky' or some other shit, it really annoys me. No. It pisses me off. I don't read m/m to read about the ladies even if the book has a straight man and a bisexual man.

On top of that, I felt like the switch from Nick being 'straight' to Nick being 'gay' happened from one second to another. There wasn't that much confusion on Nick's part especially since he was adamant (more than once) about being straight. And I didn't like his comments, even if they were made as a joke, of Marlowe making him gay. I guess what I'm saying is I didn't believe his switch had enough of the angst I desire which, I feel, should be apart of all GFY stories.

It's funny but I pretty much liked Marlowe more than Nick. Something happens towards the end, though, that I felt was so idiotic I wanted to punch him. I will say it wasn't all Marlowe's fault, though. Nick could have disagreed with what Marlowe said but he didn't. He agreed and with that, Marlowe went off the deep end. He was a fucking idiot. And what I don't understand is how Marlowe could willingly put himself in a situation of going off the wagon by going to a drug party? I mean, really? He was insistent to stay sober and clean but then he deliberately goes to a drug party, makes out with a few guys, takes some X and shoots some coke? What the fuck was wrong with him? All the alcoholics and drug addicts I know that want to stay sober don't put themselves into that position when they know what the outcome is going to be. In fact, they don't put themselves in a situation where drugs or buzz is around them in case they have any urges. Marlowe, however, felt that once he got out of jail he'd still go out to parties with shit tons of drugs and alcohol. Fucking idiot. That kind of shows me he really doesn't care about being sober even if he whined about fucking up after he did the drugs. That whinny just annoyed me. I had no sympathy for him AT ALL. Also, he claimed he didn't do casual hook ups with men because he needed to care about them and that he loved Nick so much to not stray from him but he still ends up making out with two guys? Two guys that, yeah he knew, but who were both fucked up enough not to even know what drugs they've taken? No one else feels like that is kind of cheating?. Another thing, since the blurb mentions it, I was disappointed there weren't more scenes of Marlowe during his jail time. I guess I was a bit disappointed with that because I was so looking forward to it :(

On a high note, I did appreciate the musical descriptions. I crave rockstar books because I want to know the music, the experience they have onstage, offstage and in the studio and this book definitely gave that to me which was a point in its favor.

With that said, I loved the book and I hated it. It wasn't just Marlowe that pissed me off but Nick, too. I only had a few problems with it but those problems were big enough to lower my overall rating. In all honesty, I think Jet could have done better and so far think this is my least favorite of her books. In my opinion, even though her Heaven Sent series was short, it was far better. At least Hell and Faith were.