Truth in the Dark - Amy Lane This is the type of book I could reread numerous times and never get bored with or stop myself from crying while reading it. It's such a sweet story, a fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast.

I connected with the characters right from the start. Naef and Aerie-Smith buried themselves into my heart. Their pain was my pain, their happiness was my happiness. And no matter how many times I read this it always feels like I'm reading it for the first time. Experiencing the curse, watching Naef find himself in his 'chubby bunny' body and realizing Aerie-Smith and Naef aren't in love because of what they see of each other but of who they are inside and the truth they see in the dark. It always breaks my heart and makes me cry happy tears whenever I get to the end and realize it wasn't the chubby bunny Aerie-Smith saw and loved but of who Naef was from the start that captured Aerie-Smith's heart.

The curse in the story was at times both tame and frustrating. To think Aerie-Smith got cursed because of such a simple thing made me so sad. And the way he's so guilt-ridden and shamed by it was horrible. But Naef didn't blame him or was disgusted by it and tried to show Aerie-Smith that. Which gave me a giddy smile for how he proves it.

In the end, I absolutely loved this book. I've read it multiple times and each time it gets better and better and no matter how many times I read it, I always cry, every time, in the same exact spots. It's a book I'd recommend everyone.