At Piper's Point - Ethan Day I must confess, I've owned this book since the day it was released but put off reading it because of thinking Cassidy would turn out to be an uber-slut in the book and from the fear I'd get more sex from his one night stands than between the two MCs. I'm happy to report that I was completely wrong on that front. ^_^

I really enjoyed this book. It was funny but at the same time lightly angsty and an easy read. I smiled and I laughed but my heart also clenched a few times.

I loved Cassidy and Nate. They were both frustrating but I really liked the ease they had with each other for most of the book. Even when they were awkward or uneasy around one another they still had a rightness to their time together. It was nice to see since I like reading about guys that'll freely touch each other when they don't have to without making it into something too mushy. I know when I read some books I'm screaming in my head 'WILL YOU JUST HUG HIM ALREADY??' and this was the first book that actually heard my silent cries and followed them. Lol. Cassidy, though, he was a surprise. He had a perfectness to him but still felt real. He was loved by all but he didn't just brush it off, he had everyone's feelings at heart (at least while he's at Piper's Point) but it wasn't overly annoying how much attention he attracted. Nate, aw, Nate. How can you hate someone that gets jealous over Cassidy's one night stand?? I mean come on! Seriously, Nate's jealousy turned me on like nothing else.

The flow of the story is easy to follow and took me on quite a little ride. The plot may seem simple and boring but it's honestly not. It's interesting to say the least and meeting all Cassidy's friends (who, yes, are almost all past boyfriends), learning about Sadie and all the townsfolk gave the book an appeal that draws you in but still holds you with the light angst and witty, sometimes snarky, banter.

With that said, I was so frustrated sometimes! I wanted to smack Nate and Cassidy and tell them to TALK ALREADY! Tiny misunderstandings led to a few moments that made me want to scream. There were also a few scenes that couldn't hold my attention at all and they, surprisingly, weren't the ones of flashbacks since the flashbacks seemed to just make the story flow better. It was actually after the flashbacks ended that I found it dragged a time or two. However, there were freaking hysterical parts that had me falling off my seat laughing and still chuckling five minutes later when I was still thinking about it.

All in all, this was a surprisingly, delightful story. I really enjoyed it, the eccentric characters and the funny moments. I wouldn't be opposed to reading more about the guys gracing the steps of Piper's Point. Definitely recommended.