Wishbone - Lauren P. Burka It's taken me a while to review this book not just because I haven't had the time but because I wasn't exactly sure what to say. For anyone wondering, yes, this book delves into a lot of 'taboo' areas, or what some people might call taboo.

I feel this book needs a warning of some type for all those innocents out there so here's that warning: Strong BDSM with major emphasis on the SM, blood play, master/slave with an open relationship, multiple fistings with double jointed hands, cruelty and abuse, and an ending that is pretty unsatisfying. And not surprisingly, almost all that you can basically learn from my tags.

The premise of the story is quite fascinating and the world Sir brings Wishbone into was intriguing, if a bit confusing at times. The relationship between Sir and Wishbone is unusual. I honestly loved the characters and the quasi-relationship they had. What I loved most was how intense they are together. It was really something special and even though some of what they did together made me uncomfortable and squirm, it never once made me want to mark this book as a DNF.

With that said, the only things I had a problem with was the open relationship and how much sex there was. I felt, at times, the story was going nowhere except for what was in the bedroom and that just made me feel like some of the numerous smexing was pointless. I could have dealt with the open relationship and overlooked it because I can understand why it had to be the way it had to be. I didn't think it needed to be apart of the story but it wasn't that much of a problem after I thought it through. What I could not forgive was the ending. Not the cliffhangerish feel to it but the way it actually ended, the last scene written. Sir telling Wishbone that he essentially could never live up to what Sir expected to make Sir truly submissive. To me, that was just a horrible blow to the face. Sir is saying Wishbone will never live up to the standards necessary for him to be good enough for Sir? So he goes to another master to submit? What the fuck? After that, I felt like the feelings and words exchanged between the two were nothing except hollow. I couldn't relate what was happening with Sir and Wishbone before, how much progress they made together and the explosion they created with each other, with the statement that Wishbone would never be strong enough for Sir to submit fully to. I couldn't accept that and it ruined my ultimate enjoyment of the story. To say I was pissed and disappointed is an understatement.

Overall, I did like the story even though the ending dimmed my enjoyment. The book made me uncomfortable in more ways than one but I like having my boundaries pushed when it comes to books. The plot was fascinating and while I did not like some things I enjoyed most of it so I am looking forward to reading the sequel.