Desert Falcon (Falcon, #1) - Feliz Faber Even though this book is a bittersweet story (one I can't really call romance either) I still enjoyed it.

I love stories that go into detail about interesting jobs or interesting hobbies. I love reading about things I won't normally see or even know of. Falconry is something I've never heard of before until I read a post by the author on the publishers blog. To say I was fascinated would be an understatement and considering this is a type of prequel to City Falcon, I decided to take a chance on this little short. And I'm glad I did.

I'm not quite sure if it's necessary to read this one but I do encourage it because I enjoyed it. I loved getting inside Hunter's head and learning somewhat about who he is, what he's done in his past and how he got to be in Dubai. His relationship with another falconer is nothing really important but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting a bittersweet story to be.

Overall, I really did like this story. It fascinated me not just with Hunter's occupation but with Hunter himself and I'm looking forward to seeing him get a true HEA in City Falcon. Recommended.