Dance in the Dark - Megan Derr The first thing I want to say is before reading this book, I'd advise reading Dance with the Devil either before or after these two because they really aren't related except for in the world building.

With that said, I really loved this book. It was easy for me to dive right in and stay there. I actually had trouble putting the book down. I loved the world surrounding the vampires and how other creatures were sporadically thrown in. The hierarchy of the creatures was fascinating but at times the vampires hierarchy was a bit confusing but that never stopped me from enjoying the story.

I have to say Johnnie and Bergrin are probably one of my favorite couples. Johnnie is just so cold and snappy. More than once he was praised for acting more like a vampire should at twenty-six than a full-bloodied vampire did at one hundred and twenty-six. I found that highly amusing. He has the snotty, trust-fund baby attitude down to a tee and I honestly couldn't get enough of it. The love interest Bergrin is the exact opposite of Johnnie. He has a more laid back attitude and takes things as they come. While they clash against each other, they make a perfect couple. Their easy banter and bickering just proved to me that they both have strong feelings for the other. I will say that I figured out who the mystery man that seduces Johnnie is right from the start so it was easy for me to believe the connection between the MCs

Aside from the characters what I loved about this book were the little mysteries in each chapter. They were simple mysteries but the style in which the book was written is different and that appealed to me a lot. There is a big mystery that stretches almost the whole book but it's kind of in the background and pretty much connects all the smaller mysteries together.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's a fun and easy read that'll draw you right in. I liked the connection between the characters and the little mysteries were extremely engaging. I wouldn't be opposed to reading more about this world and this couple. Definitely recommended.