Rocking the Boat - Christopher Koehler When I first saw this cover, I immediately knew it was something I'd want to read. One, it's drawn and I love drawn covers but two, the title and the paddle made me think it'd be something unique, that hasn't been written yet and I was right about that.

The story revolves around Nick, a men's rowing coach, and the struggle of falling for one of his rowers, Morgan. He struggles with the ethics of wanting Morgan and the angst of feeling like he's robbing the cradle. Morgan, however, feels Nick is over thinking things and has his sights set on getting Nick whether Nick wants it or not. And what Morgan wants, Morgan gets. After Nick makes a stupid mistake, they both get what they both want and start a relationship. Nick still has his fears about dating a rower and when someone makes their relationship known to the school board, Nick's fears come true and they have to work past the issue with a little help from Nick's friend, Drew.

The tension between Morgan and Nick is definitely something fascinating. At times, the heat scorched the pages and made the covert glances, leers and tiny touches all the more real. These two were definitely fun to read about and they just seem to compliment each other. Nick, sometimes, was a bit self-conscious about things and he made a few stupid mistakes that I just wanted to smack him for. Morgan, though, he knows how to handle Nick at his stupidest and made sure Nick knew exactly when he was being an idiot and essentially punished him for it. It was very amusing.

I loved their relationship because of the tension, which lasted even beyond the point of getting together since they had to keep their relationship a secret from the crew. What fascinated me, aside from the relationship, was the rowing. It's so detailed and I absolutely loved that. I adore reading about things I don't know and being able to explore the makings of rowing, how it's done and how the men do it as well as the trials and pain they go through was something special to me. It was eye opening, too, because who'd have thought there was pain in rowing? Another thing that was interesting was the tiny mentions of what muscles were used. I enjoyed that very much. The side characters were extremely amusing and I loved the roles they played in the book.

In the beginning, the writing was a bit rough, sometimes stunted and I wasn't sure if I was going to like it or not especially with both of them having sex with someone else and then also with Nick making his best friend, Drew, go out with Morgan just so Nick could get over Morgan. I was afraid something would happen between the two and Morgan would get some kind of confused feelings for Drew but he didn't so I'm happy but the more and more I read, the more I fell in love with this couple and what they go through. Koehler did a pretty good job of answering most questions I had although I still have one regarding what ever happened to Stuart's crush on Morgan? We get Stuart's POV and learn about it but nothing ever is resolved with it. Like does he still have feelings? Or does he not? It was there and then it wasn't. For anyone wondering, I put this book under my bdsm-kink shelf only because it fits under the 'kink' label. It's very mild and only has some tame bondage and use of a blindfold. So, it's nothing major.

I felt like I had to explain that because I know a lot of people will skip right over this book after reading that label but I'm advising you NOT to skip over it. It's a great book and the series is proving to be an exceptional one and since I've already read Tipping the Balance, I can positively say the series gets better.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed this book and I'm looking forward to reading more of this series and the people introduced in it. Recommended.