Divide & Conquer - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban Honestly, I don't really know what to say. I've been thinking and thinking of my review since reading this and nothing comes to mind on how I should phrase this review.

Simply put, I loved this book. I've loved this whole series and in my eyes this book lived up to the last three. It's one of my favorite series and with each book they just seem to get better and better.

What I loved most about this one was how much Ty and Zane's relationship grew. With the trials they had to go through and each of them getting hurt, of course!, it was fascinating seeing them work together to maintain a relationship. They took care of the each other and they actually enjoyed doing it because they love each other. They are both still stubborn, snarky and hot. I couldn't get enough of them and while they are both funny by themselves, together they are extremely hysterical. All their one-liners and inside jokes had me laughing every few minutes.

I felt like this book had non-stop action. While the villains were somewhat simplistic and at times I couldn't understand why they were so psychotic, I still enjoyed the chaos they created. With each chapter, there was some type of action that left me on the edge of my seat. Even with so much suspense, there was definitely a lot more romance between Ty and Zane. It felt nice seeing them grow and actually getting to meet Ty's Recon buddies and how he interacts with them. I loved that Zane finally worked through his feelings with Ty and came to a conclusion. What I loved most? How Ty handled the deception of loving Zane with his Recon team. I will never forget what he does or how he handles it.

The ending almost killed me. I was so frustrated with how it ended! But the more I thought about it and the more I compared it with the excerpt for book 5, it made me think how it wasn't so bad. I loved these guys, I loved the heroes that they are and I love how they can kickass so easily while still showing their love for each other and how they can do it and still be so hot. They scorch off the pages. And holy crap, can you believe just how hot that sex was against the door while Zane was blind??? *fans self*

All in all, did I love this book? Yes, absolutely. Will I be waiting impatiently for Armed and Dangerous to come out? You bet your ass, I will. Will I recommend this book? There is just no way I would not recommend this book. The series keeps getting better and better, IMO, and I'm so looking to the next one!