Teacher Plus Two - Valentina Heart One of my favorite genres is fantasy just because with fantasy I get the simple pleasure of details. Details of world building, of new societies and descriptions of unique creatures.

One of the best things about this book, aside from the captivating plot, are the unique creatures. The descriptions of these creatures blew me away because I could envision what they look like. They aren't just simple humans, although Orrin is with the exception of his eyes, but they have different physiques that aren't just stated and then brushed under the rug. You're reminded in situations with little words that all three MCs are physically different and I loved that.

The book starts with a jolt. Right away Orrin and Fai are plunged into the slavery world, kidnapped from the only homes they've known and transported to another planet. Orrin, an Adult on the verge of being a Teacher from Earth, is tasked with taking Fai, a Mattian's, innocence. He won't do it so Hara, a Paatian and a slave for over a decade, is thrown into their cell. From that moment, Orrin knows Fai and Hara are his mates and will do anything to keep them safe and free them. It isn't long before Hara is separated from Fai and Orrin and shipped to his new master. Orrin finds out the true reason he was kidnapped and reluctantly agrees to perform tasks that could possibly make him insane so Fai can stay the innocent that he is. In the meantime, Hara starts to understand that his life no longer has to be the cold, bleak existence it’s been. It takes an unexpected opportunity from Hara and Orrin getting closer and closer to insanity for a chance at freedom to present itself.

Orrin, Fai and Hara are all completely different in more than just their form. Orrin is the rock that holds them together. He's strong and calm, he has a sense of peace which is how he's gotten so close to becoming a Teacher. Fai is just completely adorable. He looks young, naive and innocent. He's a cute little lion with a big gray mane and a touchy-feely tail who likes to cuddle and purr at the simplest of touches. Hara is jaded and cold from his years in slavery. He has a love of water especially with a physique that’s made for aqua. It's fascinating the contrasts between the three and how they all seem to fit together. Where one needs something, the other two are willing to give it in a heartbeat. The trials and separation they go through are heartbreaking but only serves to make their bond even more special.

As I've said, the world building is phenomenal and captivating. Any questions I had about one thing or another was answered by the end of the book. The descriptions about everything had me in awe and whenever a new character was introduced I'd just take a minute and reread what they looked like because I loved how they were written. It was easy to envision what each character looked like and unique enough that I couldn't get enough of reading about it.

While I loved all three MCs, one of my favorite characters was Roan, another Teacher who just happens to be the bad guy. There was something about him that had me jonesing for more of him. In fact, probably his creepy red eyes and insanity attracted me the most. I want to know more of who he is, especially after his past had my heart clenching. I want to know what his future will hold but more than that I want to see him get an HEA. I want to see his mind deal with what it needs to and how, or if, he deals with his insanity. Another character that intrigued me was Kamari, Hara's new master. A gentle giant who just wants a mate that'll love him for him and not the position he holds.

The only fault I had with this book was the sex. While there aren't many scenes of it, (maybe three or four?), they were really long for my tastes. Granted, I'm not too thrilled of reading sex in general, I'm a little biased on that, so please don't take my word on it. But I will say that it was pretty hot sex ^_^ There was also this one scene with Hara and Kamari that I'm still not sure how I feel about. On one hand, I don't much mind but on the other I'm screaming out 'why did you have to agree?'. I'm still not sure what I think about it but the more time goes by the more I can understand why Hara would agree to it. Although it wasn't a bad scene at all and I was just thankful it didn't go too far.

Overall, I really loved the book. Right from the start, I was hooked and while I faltered a tad during the sex, I didn't want to put the book down. The characters and world are both intriguing and the trials they go through are even more so. I'd also like to point out that Teacher Plus Two isn't really like Eyes of an Innocent. Sure, it is still sweet in some regard, and shares the same world, but it's darker than Eyes and deals with more issues that Eyes did. I'd definitely recommend both books to anyone looking for two good, unique fantasy reads.