Chasing Seth - J.R. Loveless 3.5 Stars

Seth Davies is a man looking for peace. Raised to believe he and his family are the only ones of his kind, his naivety lands him in trouble with rogues called the Created. Now he's damaged emotionally and looking to settle down and peacefully work as a vet where no one could possibly know he's a wolf. Kasey Whitedove is the sheriff of Seth's new hometown. With Kasey's racism towards white men and his firm belief they can't take care of animals properly, Seth and Kasey have a rocky start. It doesn't take long for Kasey to realize Seth is his mate. Seth, though, is wary of Kasey and has a hard time trusting or believing him. Then Seth's past starts to threaten their fledgling relationship and they have to do all they can to stay alive.

This was an interesting story and I enjoyed both the characters and what they went through. I loved that Seth was emotionally damaged. He had an intense fear towards all wolves and Kasey claiming Seth is his mate increased that fear he had but for a different reason. Kasey, at first, was a bastard. There's no nice way to say it. He bullied and harassed Seth when he thought Seth was just another white man. He didn't start feeling guilty about how he treated Seth until he realized, and came to terms with, Seth being his mate, a white man and not being a Created. Still, I liked the enemy feel to the beginning of the book. It intrigued me.

The plot is a bit predictable and I pretty much knew how it was going to play out before hitting the half way mark. However, I'm a sucker for werewolves so the overly used crying, the insta-love and the way Kasey quickly accepted Seth as his mate didn't bother me. The world of these werewolves was interesting, though. I liked the differentiation between born and created werewolves and even how Seth was special. Although I'm still confused on why Seth is so special and why every male wolf wants to mate him. The issue with the Cheyenne's being so racist and their hatred towards any wolves not Cheyenne, I found very intriguing.

What did bother me, however, was the amount of sex in it. A good amount of the story involved them being sexually active. Considering Seth's past had rape, gang rape and abuse, you'd think he would have held out longer even if Kasey was his mate. My biggest issue with this story was the animal neglect. It was right there in your face that Seth's dog, Bullet, was there one minute and conveniently missing the next. I must have asked myself a hundred times, "Where's Bullet?" "Who's feeding Bullet?" "Who's taking care of Bullet?" And even though Seth kept apologizing to the dog about not taking him into the clinic, for forgetting, (how you forget you have a dog when he's following you around, I have no idea), it still annoyed me. I saw no point of the dog being in the book Unless it was just so he could be killed by Seth's stalker. Then there was no mention of Kasey going home and feeding his horses, just him going straight to work from Seth's then straight home.

ETA:I had a little trouble with the POV shifts. I felt like I was in both their heads in the same paragraph. I usually don't mind POV shifts with each paragraph, it's not my favorite but I don't have a problem with it, but this one should have been tighter. There was no distinction between Seth and Kasey. I eventually got used to it but it took a while. There were also multiple mentions of insignificant things that were pointless. Seth say a picture of Kasey with a guy and thought that guy look familiar. Then nothing more on that picture or who the guy was. It happened multiple times and left me with numerous questions.

Overall, I did enjoy the story. It was a fun read in the end even with the few niggles I had and I'm looking forward to reading more in this world and about these characters and their friends and family.