Judgement - Brannan Black My biggest problem with this series is how much of a tease each book is. You have no idea how much I want to read them all at once! I look forward to the day when this series ends and I can read them all in one go. But then I never want that time to come because that'd mean no more Mace and Daniel and that just breaks my heart!

As the series progresses, I love each book even more. Daniel seemed funnier in this one than the previous two. His ability to be sarcastic and snarky at the same time amazes me and had me chuckling when he does it at the wrong moment. I love Mace for his shear possessiveness and dominance. He growls and grabs at Daniel, not giving an inch unless he wants to but even beneath the rough handling, he's gentle. He adores Daniel. Daniel is his chosen after all.

In this book, Daniel and Mace deal more with where Daniel will stay: with his family at the compound or with Mace at the den. Mace needs and wants Daniel and the compound ultimately needs Daniel. It was amusing watching them compromise on where Daniel would be without letting Daniel have a say in it until the end. Very amusing, indeed. I absolutely love the post-apocalyptic world. The brutality and how rough it is awes me. I love the wolfmen hierarchy and the way Mace keeps the pack in line. He's a good leader and seeing him take charge never fails to make me hot ;-)

In the end, I loved this book just as much as the others. Daniel and Mace are getting closer while the world they live in is just getting rougher and more brutal. I'm really looking forward to how the rest of the series progresses. Definitely recommended.