Witch Hunt - Nick Chivers 2.5 stars

The first thing I want to say is don't let the cover fool you, this is not a menage and in fact does not have much romance until the very end.

This book had a lot of potential. The world itself is interesting with everything that happened in it or could happen. The biggest problem with this story, however, was the delivery. It could not stand up to the world that was built or the concept it was aiming for. It, in fact, lacked so much detail I was confused so much in the beginning I considered not finishing the book. On top of that, the story was all over the place. I wasn't sure which direction it was going to go in and was flabbergasted more than once when I figured it out because the situation was complicated but then there was a very simple, convenient resolution to the problem.

As I said, I was confused a lot throughout this book because something would be introduced (such as the Bands of Binding or soul bound) but then no details were given on it until well into the story or not at all. It frustrated me because I was left with question after question that was never answered and by the time some of them were answered I just did not care at that point. There was a lot of things that happened like that. None of the witches powers were explained (such as phasing or psionic) so I had no idea what they meant until a good friend of mine (Bubbles) explained to me what they were (because he's a superhero nerd) and I was still confused because there was a lot of technical words for the powers and very vague explanations on only being able to have one Natural power but Mike being the exception. Really, I was just confused.

I wouldn't generally call this book a romance. There's a brief, very brief, meet of the two MCs about a third of the way in but then one MC, Rick, just disappears and leaves the other MC, Mike, for the rest of the book. It is not until the very end when they see each other again and by that point their romance was not believable at all because they barely saw each other or knew each other but yet they confess their love for one another. The only thing I would consider a romance in this story is Mike and his ex, Alec, because at least there was something given on them and their relationship. You actually saw them together and what they were like with one another. I, in fact, was rooting more for the ex than the future guy. I didn't get my wish, though because the ex DIED. It was extremely depressing, really. I was sad. And that was the only thing I was sad about in this story.

I couldn't relate with Mike at all. He had a very inconsistent attitude, nice and sweet one minute but a complete asshole and snappy the next. I never understood why he wanted to be bound or what exactly happened in his past for him to be wary of future relationships except that he was almost manipulated into ruling the world. Like I said, there are no details. Mike, in my opinion, is a very shallow character. I felt as if the secondary characters had more depth than he did. Simply put, I did not like Mike.

I felt like there were a lot of holes within this story. A character would bring up someone's name (such as James) but then nothing else. Who is James? Why does it matter that his Natural power is cyrokinesis? That actually happened more than once which only fueled my confusion more.

With that said, I did find this book amusing. Mike had one endearing quality and that was how much of a klutz he was. He was graceful when it came to magic but anything that had to do with non-magic he would drop, trip or fall over. There was also this very interesting twist in the story that had to do with Alec. That grabbed my attention and held it for a little bit.

While the book frustrated me, I did like it and it was very easy to finish. It was a roller-coaster but it was still interesting in it's own right. I just wished there had been much, much more details. Certain things could have been cut out of the story because they had no relevance to the overall conclusion and only seemed as unneeded fillers. I felt as if the conflict with Alek, the bad guy, was an interesting one but again the delivery made it not as appealing. Then Alec (who is actually different from Alek) was the most interesting character but Mike obviously did not end up with him which lessened my enjoyment of the book even more.

Overall, I did like the book. The concept is interesting but again the delivery is lacking. The main characters were flat to me but the secondary characters were enjoyable. There was a cliffhanger, which I was not happy about, and when or if the sequel comes out, I will read it but I'm hoping it's much more detailed otherwise I'll probably be just as frustrated with the next one as with this one. With all of that said, please don't base the decision to read Witch Hunt solely on my review. Look at others and if you're still not sure give it a try because while I might have only liked it, someone else will love it and that might be you.