Cattle Valley: Shooting Star - Carol Lynne I read Carol Lynne books because they make me feel good and they make me smile in the end. For me, it's easy to connect with the characters and enjoy their story. This book is no different.

I really loved it and right from the start I adored Jessup and Brac. They are such a sweet, cute couple that at the littlest headway of their relationship progressing gave me a little bit of a goofy grin. Of course, there's not an emotionally messed up male character out there I don't love.

I liked the setting, the seclusion they were put into because of the plot and I liked how it played out. I enjoy reading the Cattle Valley series because they are a comfort to read. Whenever I'm in a funk, I can pick up almost any book in the series, re-read it or read it for the first time, and I feel good again about reading and I'm not so critical or cynical with the next book.

All in all, this was a great story to me. It's a feel good read and it was nice seeing Jessup and Brac get their own HEA while still being able to see a little bit of Kit and Hawk. Recommended to CV lovers.