The Tourist - Clare London This was an interesting book. It's unique when it comes to tales on ghosts. In this case, Ace 'visits' men with like-minded sexual desires as himself. He's very much dead but he stills live through his hosts. Dan and Ricky, a couple that are still hesitant with little self-esteem are his next hosts. Ace is used to just jumping in a host, getting his rocks off then leaving. But there's something about Dan and Ricky that changes that all for Ace. He sticks around for the mundane things and not just the sex. He likes this couple and when one of them is threatened, he does everything he can and uses every power he can to save them.

I had a hard time with this book. I'm not quite sure why but while the plot had definite potential it just didn't click with me. I couldn't connect with Ace, the narrator, he was too single-minded on sex and a bit shallow. I was expecting more from him; some type of personal thinking outside his thirst for the flesh but he didn't have much of that until well into the book and by then it was hard to like him. Dan was a nice surprise, though. He's an ordinary guy with a severe lack of self-confidence and his questioning of what Ricky saw in him was endearing as well as his jealousy over Ricky's ex-lover. Ricky, at first, I didn't like. He seemed way too much like Ace in that he was only thinking about his next release. It took a while but then we see why he's so focused on that line of thinking. I ended up liking him in the end but Dan was definitely a character I was able to connect with the whole book.

As I said, the plot had definite potential but it didn't grab my attention until halfway through which left me wondering for the first half whether I should continue reading or not. The jealousy raging from Dan was like a live fire and I enjoyed that. Ricky's self-worth problems were interesting and digging deep enough in him to find that out was surprising but I loved it. The conflict with Ricky's ex-lover was a bit predictable but Ace's part in it all gave it a bit of a twist.

Overall, I did like the book but not until a good ways in. This is definitely a different view on ghosts as well as them being able to love in some way. It was nice seeing Ace help Dan and Ricky with the road barriers they put up in their relationship. It was a nice book but I wasn't as blown away as I was expecting to be.