It's Not Shakespeare - Amy Lane This is an extremely sweet book that I absolutely loved. This story is a little different compared to the other books I've read from Ms. Lane. When I think of Amy Lane, I automatically think of angst. It never fails with her books but I always end up crying either just a little or a lot. With this one, however, I didn't because while it touches a few serious issues, they aren't so angsty as to make the read intense as her other stories are. It was a nice change :)

I loved James and Rafael. They are definitely a couple that would fit into the opposites attract category. Where James is white, middle-aged, quiet and sophisticated, Rafael is hispanic, young, outgoing and has a basic education. It was surprising seeing them get along together and move past their differences. But even with their vast differences they still had a few things in common like their love of pets and their desires to take care of each other. It was extremely sweet. I loved the secondary characters. Sophie, Noni, and Marlowe were great additions to this already enjoyable book. Marlowe, James' dog, was definitely a treat. Who knew something so small and hyper could make a book so uplifting?

As I said, while this book isn't too angsty, it still addresses certain issues that would normally put barriers up between people such as their different races and Raphael's family's religion and how much pressure that puts on Raphael. It also deals with trust, with emotions and money, and self-confidence. In itself, it holds quite a punch but Marlowe made the story not so heart crushing.

I think my favorite quote out of this whole book was cuz of Noni (Raphael's crazy grandma that no doubt scared James shitless):
"You need to be the fool to fall in love."
Overall, it was a great read. It was funny and a bit sad but sweet enough to give me a goofy grin in the end. Definitely recommended and I hope there will be more of James, Raphael and Marlowe in the future.