Texas Winter - R.J. Scott When I read The Heart of Texas I instantly fell in love with Riley and Jack. The troubles they go through and Riley's self-discovery were enough to make me tear up. When it comes to sequels, though, it's hard to live up to a book that was so amazing you can't find the right words. I really enjoyed seeing Riley and Jack again and seeing them tackle another problem but more than that I'm just happy to say I was in no way disappointed with this story.

I still loved Riley and Jack and I feel like they really are a great couple. They can get through anything from an unexpected kid to dealing with multiple crazy people to the after affects of shady business deals and while their relationship might get a little rocky, in the end, they can handle anything together as long as they have each other. Jack still has his temper but counters it with such passion. Riley is almost a mess in this book but he's more confident in himself than before. They both take to Riley's new daughter, Hayley, really well and I felt like they finally became the family they should be. It was very sweet.

My only problem with the book was I felt like the conflict with the FBI and all of that situation was rather rushed and incomplete. I was hoping we got a lot more details on it than we did. The whole situation kind of flew by and I still don't feel like it was settled because I still have a bunch of questions about it.

So, would I recommend this book? Yeah, I would but then again I'm a huge Riley and Jack fan so no matter how many sequels comes after this one, if any, I'll read them because I love this series, these characters and RJ's writing. It's not as intense as The Heart of Texas but it's much sweeter and that suited me just fine :)

I have to put this because it was one of the sweetest moments in the book:
"Pappa, he really is so beautiful." Riley looked at her. That was a new one, calling him Pappa when he was normally Daddy.
"I know he is. Jack chose well, didn't he?" Riley smiled at her as she turned to face him.
"Yeah, he did, but I'm talking to Jack, Daddy, not you; he's Pappa."
Riley's heart nearly exploded in his chest. This moment here, looking at Red, standing with the man he loved and listening to his daughter call his husband Pappa...