A Taste of Love - Andrew  Grey While reading A Taste of Love, my feelings about it fluctuated. At times, I really liked the story and then at other times I felt it was dragging just a little. Overall, though, I really did like the plot and the story line flowed most of the time.

I'm not a big crier but I cried in this one. The reason? What happened in this story is very close to what happened to one of my good friends and because I'm so close to her, reading this brought back all the pain she shared with me and it made me cry. *sniffle* My heart ached just reading about it and for that I loved it because there was an amiable solution, whereas my friend didn't get one.

Billy's twenty-one and caring for five year old twins. His father died two months ago while his mother died a few days after the twins were born. Trying to find any job to feed his brothers, Billy meets Darryl who gives him a job at his restaurant. Attraction runs deep for both of them and when Darryl finds out Billy has two small brothers, he does what he can to make Billy's life easier while at the same time, they fall for each other. Emotions runs high, however, when Billy finds out his brothers just might not be blood-related.

Both Billy and Darryl have their issues. Whereas Billy is dealing with taking care of his brothers, Darryl is dealing with past emotions that never went away. He's broken on the inside thinking that what he feels for Billy, who is only nine years younger, is wrong. The main reason for his internal conflict is because he was caught with his best friend when he was younger and shipped off to some type of religious program to 'cure' the gay in him, making him think having feelings for someone younger is wrong. It was interesting to watch Darryl work through his guilt and I liked how Darryl treated the twins like they were his sons. It was extremely sweet. I did love the fact that this book revolved around Darryl's restaurant and the staff in it. The secondary characters were great and even had me laughing a time or two. ^_^

Some problems I had with the book, though, was the fact that we don't really get to know the characters as people. We see their reactions to the conflicts in the story but I just couldn't relate to either Billy or Darryl. I, also, felt like there was nothing really in common between the two which is based on the fact that we don't really know who the characters are except for the implications that they are good-hearted people. Which is evident on how they treat the twins.

I was also confused when Darryl called his mom when he was feeling guilty for liking Billy. I didn't understand her reaction to Darryl telling her how Billy was younger. Yeah, she was supportive but some of the things she said just didn't make sense to me. Maybe if it was explained more I'd have understood her statement but since it wasn't, I didn't. *shrugs*

All in all, a good book. If you've read Andrew Grey and liked his books then you'll love this one. If you haven't read him, then I suggest you pick this book up and take a look. He's a great writer.