Only For Him - Shawn Lane 3.5 stars

I love the premise of this story because I absolutely love it when two people who work together also end up in a relationship. I found it funny that a guy like Barnaby, who's fun, sexy, outgoing and flirty, would be willing to change his appearance and personality for a guy like Nathan, who's bookish, shy and boring (as Nathan likes to think). I really liked that while Barnaby tried his hardest to relate to Nathan on Nathan's level, Nathan liked Barnaby for who he is and had no problems with admitting that. It was interesting to see them both lay their insecurities out there and work past their differences. In this case, though, they really are completely different people so they struggled to make a relationship work around them not having anything in common. Or I should say Nathan struggled with that, Barnaby was just ecstatic the man he's been lusting after for months had finally noticed him.

I truly did like the story. However, I felt like for such a short story there was way too much sex and that made it a bit dull in my eyes. About half way through, I felt like it was dragging because it seemed like one sex scene after the other after the other and that made it a bit hard to keep going. Once I got past that part, though, the story became interesting again and ended up having a sweet ending.

Overall, it was a nice story even with my little hiccup in the middle. I like this series because they all have cute storylines and since I've been unknowingly reading this series backwards, I'll be moving on to the first in the series soon. Recommended.