A Wealth of Unsaid Words - R. Cooper It's always tricky for me when an author writes about an individual with a manic-depressive personality. I feel this way because a lot of my life is surrounded by people like that so when it comes to reading about them I nitpick the book and can't help but think it's nothing like that at all.

This story, however, I felt like it showed more along the right lines of what someone with such a personality really acts like. The book was chaotic but, to me, it felt exactly how someone with a manic-depressive personality thinks. They're depressive at times, gloomy, paranoid, impulsive and they can't help it. But with the writing and how choppy it may seem to others is exactly how people with such an illness thinks. It's not just an easy thinking process for them. It's complete, fucking chaos and that's one of the things that appealed to me with this book.

I will say at the beginning I was confused because I didn't know where this was going or why Alex was so depressing so the first few pages I was left thinking, "What?!". I thought Alex was already Everett's partner but then realized he wasn't so that added to my confusion. After I found out that Alex was sick, it became a really great story, in my eyes. The things Alex put Everett and his family through were heartbreaking but it showed that they loved Alex enough to stay with him and support him through his pain.

The tension between Alex and Everett is extremely high and all I could think was "why don't you two just get together already?!". I loved the build-up, though, and I loved the outcome when they finally got together. With that said, I wished this story had a bit more dialogue, it was spent too much in Alex's head and while that was part of it's charm, there is only so much depressing things I can read in a Christmas story.

In the end, this story is a bit dark but it ends on a happy note. It's something I'd recommend.