Nine Lights Over Edinburgh - Harper Fox This book was pretty dark and kind of depressive for something of a Xmas story. It happens during the days of Xmas but doesn't revolve around it.

I didn't really like James in the beginning. I usually don't have a problem with characters that having drinking or drug problems but James' attitude rubbed me the wrong way. His 'I don't give a shit' personality was more annoying than charming and when he got hurt all I could do was think he deserved it. I think this partly had to do with how confused I was in the beginning. I didn't know what was going on because the writing was just all over the place. The dialect was not something I was familiar with so I had to keep looking up what almost every word meant which made the book drag and a bit boring for me.

Thankfully, after Toby comes into the picture the book gets a bit better and a little bit sweeter. Their quest to get James' little girl back was interesting and miraculously the dialect didn't have any confusing words after Toby came into the story which made it a bit inconsistent and showed that the author was trying a bit too hard with the flowery words. I enjoyed Toby and how he changed James, however, and by the end I liked James. He also 'stopped' drinking so that helped me like him a bit more.

The book ends on a good note. I loved the ending because it was both sweet and endearing but it ended way too soon and felt rushed. The beginning was difficult to get through but the ending was sweet enough for me to at least like this story.