Mistletoe at Midnight - L.B. Gregg I really liked this story. LB Gregg always has characters that are so likable, funny and I always just want to squeeze them tight, they're so cute.

From the beginning to the end this book is entertaining. Owen's mom constantly trying to set him up with guys was extremely funny to me especially when she is mostly the cause of all of Owen's problems during Christmas. Then there's the brother, Ryan, who I found both funny and charming. The intensity between Owen and Caleb felt very real and the feelings they felt all those years ago came roaring back to them both, making for some very interesting scenes.

My only problem with the story was the flashbacks. They annoyed me in the beginning but I was able to get used to them at least. The ex, Keith, also really annoyed me. His whinnying about Owen keeping secrets (when they've been broken up for months) got on my nerves.

Aside from that, I really enjoyed this story. The ending was very sweet and surprising and I wouldn't be opposed to seeing more of these two. Recommended.