I Heard Him Exclaim - Z.A. Maxfield This was my favorite out of the whole His For The Holidays anthology.

When Steve lost all his weight due to medical problems, he lost all his spirit for Christmas as well. He leaves for Vegas to cope with his lost love of being Santa and runs into Chandler and Poppy at a rest stop. Chandler's on his way to his parents' house with his niece, who he's the new guardian of. Both Steve and Chandler are lost, looking for two separate things but Fate has something else in mind when Chandler's bad luck keeps bringing Steve to his rescue.

I loved the way it was so deep into Christmas and how Steve was a real live Santa who just lost his spirit. I enjoyed seeing Chandler and Poppy show Steve you can still be Santa even if you aren't fat anymore. And I loved that Steve showed Chandler that he can be a great parent even though Chandler thought he wouldn't be. Loved these two guys and the way they connected so well especially after Chandler's continuing bad luck had Steve helping him over and over again.

Definitely something I'll be re-reading because it was such a sweet, cute story especially the ending. Definitely recommended.