Touched by an Alien (Katherine "Kitty" Katt, #1) - Gini Koch I've been putting this review off for a while because I wasn't sure how to rate or review it.

I loved the beginning of this. It was so fascinating seeing Kitty attack some thing and then get recruited into a secret organization for it. She was so snarky and fun with her smartass comments and her easily flippant remarks towards Martini and the rest of the Alpha Centauri. I couldn't stop laughing for the first half of the book because of the banter between Kitty, Martini and Christopher. I was really enjoying it.

With that said, there were a few things that bugged me. For one, there were a couple inconsistencies that were blatantly obvious and resulted in unanswered questions like for instance, what the hell did the robot that looked like Kitty have to do with anything? It's mentioned early on in the book but after that, nothing about what the robot would be used for or anything. The word used for the bad guy, Meta-something, was extremely hard to say or read and every time it's mentioned I felt like it pulled me out of the story because I tried for a few seconds to pronounce the name of him and just couldn't do it. There were actual a couple of words that were too complicated to pronounce, in my opinion, and each time I came across one it'd pull me out of the story. Especially since there were no hints on how to pronounce them like some books give.

About half way through the book, it started to drag. I think this was mostly because Kitty was no longer the snarky, fun gal I was growing to love but turned into a depressing, lady that cried for almost the rest of the book in response to almost everything. With that, Martini, who I didn't really like at all anyway, got more and more needy as the book progressed which put me off trying to like him. Then there's also the fact that as much as Kitty kept saying she's not a slut, she still ended up sleeping with Martini that first day. Without a condom. And they continued to sleep together without any condoms for the rest of the book. How the hell she is not pregnant remains a mystery to me. I did, however, love Christopher and a part of me wished that Kitty would ditch the needy dude and go with the one that glowers.

I felt like everything was too easily convenient. One moment they were trying to do something and needed this one tiny thing to do something and wouldn't you know, Kitty has that one thing they need in her bottomless purse. I also felt like the A/C who was aiding the Meta-guy was too easily blamed. And then I questioned why these A/Cs who have these seriously awesome powers (like running at lightening speed) didn't escape from the mere humans when their compound was taken hostage. I just could not understand that.

With that said, I did enjoy this book. It starts with a very snarky humor and Kitty has this awesome comic obsession and out of nowhere she'd just compare a bad guy to some random comic book character. It was very funny. The book is also very suspenseful with lots of action and enjoyable once you get passed the fact that Kitty turns from a very strong woman to one that seems emotionally weak. I will be continuing this series one day, though, because I do like the world that was created by these aliens.