Broken - Kathleen  Hayes This was a very sweet, cute story. I loved the premise and how Charles watches Job every day when Job feeds his kittens outside. I always find it extremely sweet when you see a big hulking guy handling these little tiny animals gently.

I loved the way Job and Charles get acquainted and the way Charles tries to help Job when he's hurt. I thought maybe these two characters could have been a little more detailed about their lives and such. As it stands, I'm still not quite sure what Job does for a living or how he's spent the last years since he's run away.

I also wasn't quite comfortable with the writing style since it was switching first person POV without any indication that we've moved from Job to Charles or Charles to Job.

Still, in the end, I really enjoyed this story. It was cute, sweet and left me with a nice little smile. Would be interested in seeing more of these two someday and see how they're relationship is working out. Recommended.