Joy of the Season - T.A. Chase This was a bit of a bittersweet story. Don't mistake me and think the couple, Hal and Tavis, don't end up together because they do but it's bittersweet for another reason which I will not say but I will say that it doesn't hinder the story in anyway. In fact, I think it made the story have that little edge that made it so wonderful while bringing Hal and Tavis closer together.

The story revolves around Hal owning and running an AIDS non-profit hospice center. Tavis, a big contributor to the center, decides to finally volunteer instead of just writing a check. From there, Tavis learns a lot about himself and Hal, who's much older and a bit jaded now but still has such a big heart, realizes that maybe it's not so good to be alone anymore when he has Tavis, who loves him for who he is, jadedness and all.

This was, in all honesty, a wonderful story, I cried just a little bit but I'm glad I didn't put this one off because it was truly a great story.