Long Road Back - L.J. LaBarthe 3.5 stars

I actually enjoyed this story. I felt like there was real emotion in Craig and Shin's feelings even if it was insta-love. I loved both Shin and Craig and how they danced around each other a bit in the beginning but I also thought it was sweet the way they didn't jump into bed 5 minutes after meeting each other. I also found it hilarious Shin's best friend, Tisha, and how she had a hand in getting the two of them together.

I really did enjoy the story but it felt like it ended way too soon and now I want to know what happens next and how they'll make a relationship work now that Craig is back. With that, I would have liked there to be more scenes with Craig and Shin together and more details about the time they spent apart because it felt like a lot of the story came from before Shin met Craig than it did when they got together.

Still, in the end, I loved these characters and their story, I just wished there had been more.