The Advent Calendar - Christopher Koehler I really liked this one. The arguments over Toby wanting to start a family and Derek not wanting to have any kids felt so real and was a nice change from the usual story of a couple just automatically on the same wave length with wanting children. I thought Toby's desire to have kids was endearing while Derek's wish to never ever have any was frustrating but at the same time realistic. The fact that this takes place around Christmas and actually deals with the traditions and the preparation for the holiday made this short, Christmas story very likable and easy to read.

I enjoyed the multiple scenes that showed their relationship wasn't all hearts and roses and that their love for each other is put to the test because of their disagreements and while they might not agree on everything, they were able to get their relationship back to being as strong as it used to be. It was a nice. enjoyable read but I felt like since the conflict with having children was such a big issue, by the end of the book it wasn't really resolved the way I would have liked. After all, you still don't know whether one of them sacrifices their views on children to either have one or not. So, I felt like that took away a bit from the overall plot especially since after the near-death experience they never talk about it.