Unholy Ghosts - Stacia Kane I have to start off by saying I absolutely hate Chess!. God, she rubbed me in such the worst way! I never connected with her and all I could think about her was that she was a slutty, drug addict that couldn't even remain loyal to her local drug dealer. LOL!

I loved Terrible. With a passion. He's an ugly-ass guy but there was just something about him that I wanted more of. And I fucking hated what Chess did to him. Wanted to smash the stupid girl's head in when I read that!!!

The world was confusing at first. I couldn't get into it because I was so confused. I had question after question after question and no matter how many pages passed there were no answers (I've been told they are answered in later books, though). Aside from that, I think the fact that the author tried to capture the state of mind of a drug-addict added to that confusion. Which is very cool but doesn't really go well when the world is so foreign and new. I will say that the world is extremely fascinating even though I was confused more often than not.

I wasn't drawn into the book in the beginning because of that confusion but the more I read the more I didn't want to put the book down. I hated Chess and I loved Terrible but more than that I loved the trouble Chess was pulled into. It was chaotic but suspenseful at times and made reading this enjoyable after a certain point.

I may not like the main character but I'm still looking forward to continuing the series!