No One Should Be Alone - Tinnean Even though this says 'alternate reality' I don't think you can take in the full scope of these characters unless you've read Mann of My Dreams. I say this because this short doesn't give the full magnitude of why it's so shocking and horrible for Mark Vincent to be leaving the WBIS and going to the CIA. It also doesn't give the full information of why Vincent and Mann hate each other as well as who they are as a whole.

You can't actually get a feel for these characters and who they are, why what they do in this book is so uncommon unless you've read MoMD because in MoMD you just know them so you know why everything is such a big deal.

I'm not sure if I'd have liked this one so much if I hadn't read MoMD but since I did, I loved being able to see Mark Vincent and Quinton Mann again. See their indifference to each other and the subtle mind games they play with one another. Is Quinn gay? Is Vincent gay? And all that.

But, I did enjoy this story. I forgot how much I loved Vincent's paranoia LOL. It makes me want to re-read their book so I'm definitely looking forward to Mann of My Dreams being published soon. Love these guys!