Marathon Cowboys - Sarah Black I enjoyed this one very much. I loved the characters and the descriptions of the art. I love how Sarah Black always writes about something so powerfully that it always makes me stand up and listen, so to speak.

I loved both Jesse and Maryboy and their love of art. I felt like the hold art had over Jesse was extremely fascinating as well as the way his paintings were described and how much political unrest it caused. While I enjoyed the characters and their blooming relationship, the characters themselves don't have much depth but I loved the story enough not to care.

I liked the plot a lot and how it showed Jesse using the painting that speaks for itself to make others aware of the problems with this society. Like I said, it's powerful and the subtle relationship Jesse and Maryboy build is nice. It's soft and sweet while at times intense.

My only faults with this book is that is was confusing in the beginning. Why? I don't really understand myself just that I was confused. I felt like the ending was a bit rushed so it left me with a few unanswered questions such as who the shooter was and why were they not caught? Why would they shoot Jesse? What was the point of that? So it felt like that was never concluded.

Aside from that, I really did enjoy this book. I love passionate books and this one has a passion for art as well as a subtle passion between the characters. I loved it but then again I've always loved Sarah Black's books.