Heartsong - S.W. Vaughn You know, I don't generally like books that have a 'prostitute' theme mostly because about 90% of the time there's going to be sex with the prostitute and a trick and I really don't want to see that. With the way this blurb starts, I had a good indication that I was going to get outside the main couple sex. So, I put it off. I waited so long to read this but in the end I adored this book.

In Skin Deep we meet both Trystan and Uriskel. Trystan I didn't much care for but I fell in love with Uri by the end of Skin Deep. The fact that he kept and keeps protecting brothers that treated him horribly is so endearing. In this book, Uri still tries to protect those brothers even while one brother in particular (Braelan) tortures him nonstop. It's heartbreaking to see because Uri is so sarcastic, disrespectful and harsh but his heart is so big and deep down he cares far more than he wants to. With Trystan, the walls Uri has built start to crumble because he can't get Trystan out of his mind. I liked Trystan in this one because even though Uri is scarred and ugly, Trystan still falls for him and cares for him. Trystan wants to protect Uri and save him. It's sweet. Both of these characters are sweet and what they go through is crazy.

The first half of the book is brutal and harsh. It shows Braelan beating and whipping Uri and enjoying it. It shows how cruel Braelan is and how much pain Uri can take. Eventually, things start to soften within Braelan and he sees how harsh he is. He sees that there's love between Trystan and Uri. As the story progresses, things come into light regarding Braelan and Uri as well as why Braelan wanted to spend time among the humans. From there on, I felt like the story held a lot of suspense which was very nice and unexpected. I liked the way it balanced out the beginning but even with that I liked the flow of the story and the conflicts that arose.

The story itself is very fascinating. I was captivated with it and once I started I didn't want to stop. The only thing I had a problem with was I felt like there was a tad too much sex. More specifically between Braelan and Trystan than anything else. I didn't like Braelan until the end when he figured out how harsh he'd been. During the time I hated him, I didn't want to see him having sex with Trystan. LOL

In the end, I loved the book. In some ways it's better than Skin Deep was but in others it isn't. So, right now they are tied. I very much loved these characters, especially Uri and the pain he goes through. The action and conflicts were great and the book was hard to stop reading. This has so far been a great series and looking forward to reading Braelan's story soon.