Riot Boy - Katey Hawthorne I felt like this book had a lot of potential. The premise of the story is very interesting. A normal, 'boring' guy getting together with a thief, punk rocker with the ability to freeze things. They have similarities but they are just different enough to keep each other from getting bored and keeping the relationship exciting. The characters themselves are interesting especially Brady because he's such a carefree but broken character.

Unfortunately, I didn't much like the actual book. I felt like it revolved too much around sex and not enough around the actual characters and their conflicts. While there might not be a lot of sex scenes (mostly bjs over and over), they last much longer than I would've liked and consisted of very small minute details that made them drag much longer than they probably were. When Etienne and Brady weren't having sex, they were thinking about having sex and when they weren't thinking about having sex or actually have sex they were groping each other or making out. It could have been hot but to me it fell flat and was not hot at all.

In my opinion, these characters are kind of shallow, they really don't know anything about each other besides what their sweet spots are. They hung out a lot and apparently talked a lot but it all happened 'off screen' so we never got to actually see them getting to know each other. The fact that Brady can freeze things felt more like a small detail than a big part of the story it should have been. In fact, even though you'd think this story would be based on supernatural powers, the book doesn't make it into that big of a deal. The conflict with Brady's family was a little disappointing because, like the getting to know each other, it happens off screen. We are told what happens a majority of the time instead of seeing it happen.

In the end, I didn't much like this book. It dragged a lot which made it a tad boring. I liked a few things of it like Brady's shirts, the very brief times that the powers are brought into play as well as the epilogue (because it was cute and sweet and had no sex or thoughts of sex. Oh, and Brady does something really awesome). I feel that this story might have been more interesting if it had been told from Brady's POV instead of Etienne's. Not because Etienne is boring, because he's not, but because the story revolves more around Brady than Etienne so everything major that happens happens when Etienne is essentially not there. Due to that, while the beginning and middle were slow, the ending was too fast. The 'showdown' happens while Brady is away dealing with his family and we don't get to see any of that happen because it deals with Brady not Etienne. Very sad because I honestly think this book would have been great from Brady's POV with a bit less sex.