Inheritance (Dominion, #1) - Lissa Kasey This book and this series is definitely a favorite of mine now! It's a fun read that's sexy with just enough suspense to have you hoping for everything to turn out alright.

I fell in love with Seiran from the start. He's such a broken man who's been tortured by just about everyone because of being born a male witch. School is rough for him because he gets teased and picked on and everything is made harder for him because he looks effeminate. He's sexy and knows how to work his charms and has a tendency to attract the worst guys. He's cute in ways and his OCD was very enlightening as well as fascinating. He also panics and freaks when anything related to a relationship is said or brought to his attention; he doesn't do relationship because he's scared he'll get hurt again from being in one. Gabe, Seiran's lover and boss, is a mystery at first. I wasn't sure if I liked him but as the book progressed I started to adore him, too, because it's obvious how much he loves Seiran. He's willing to wait, has been waiting, for Seiran to realize Gabe will never get bored of him and finally allow their relationship to evolve from what it's currently at.

The story revolves around a series of murders that are directly and indirectly related to Seiran and Gabe. It wasn't highly original but very entertaining and I enjoyed watching everything unfold and for things to be brought into the light. Trying to guess whodunnit was a nice treat, IMO. I also enjoyed seeing Seiran grow not only as a person but with his magic as well. I loved the take on magic and the world created by it. It fascinated me and had me craving for more of everything.

I had one or two minor problems with the story like the fact that Seiran has to let Brock rape him before he can retaliate and get free. I was left wondering how important letting that happen was considering the way Seiran used the opportunity did not seem to help all that much. I thought there was a few other opportunities to fight against Brock without actually have to go through with the unwilling sex. Although, a part of me understands why Seiran had to do it. After all, it was literally life or death as well as a few questions Like how I never really understood if Roman was in on the kidnapping with Brock or not. Whether Roman helped Brock with everything or not. And if Roman wasn't in on it with Brock then why did Roman lie to Seiran about Gabe being caught and what was he going to do with Seiran if he got to Seiran before Brock did? but otherwise I enjoyed this book very much even if the ending was a bit rushed.

In the end, this book and these characters became favorites of mine. Seiran and his oddities made this book a fun, sexy and pleasant read. Definitely looking forward to reading more of Seiran and Gabe in the future! Absolutely recommended.

ETA: I forgot to mention how much I adored Jamie! Oy! He was so cute and protective. Even when he was confused he was cute. I just wanted to give him a hug. Right after giving one to Seiran ;P