Unshakeable Faith - Lisa Worrall I thought this was a great story. I was pulled in right from the start with Nash's sad story and how much of a gentle giant Brody was. The beginning is so sweet and you just can't help but be happy because these guys are happy.

Nash walks into Brody's bar one day not knowing who he is, where he lives or how he got so many scars on his body. Brody, having such a big heart, takes Nash in, gives him a job and a place to stay. Desire and mutual attraction blooms between the two and after a spot of jealous they give a relationship a go. They're happy with each other and more in love than you can imagine. Until one day, Nash goes out to a warehouse and doesn't come back because he gets injured. Again. Waking up in another hospital, Nash doesn't remember the last 6 months of his life but now he does remember who he is and his family, he just doesn't remember Brody or the life they've created. Brody, when he learns of Nash's accident, does everything he can to see Nash, sure that Nash will remember him as soon as their eyes meet. Unfortunately for Brody, Nash doesn't remember a thing. On top of that, Nash is the biggest asshole around but Brody still sees a glimmer of the Nash he fell in love with so he holds onto the hope one day Nash will remember him. Until that day comes, Brody is mistakenly cast as Nash's bodyguard. Unsatisfied sexual tension, a desire to strangle Nash himself and the constant pain of Nash not remembering him brings Brody to the end of his rope but he still hangs around. That is until the moment when Nash realizes what Brody's been keeping from him and shatters the fledgling relationship they've just started to create.

I fell in love with all these characters. What Brody goes through just to be close to Nash is heartbreaking especially when he's reminded over and over that their love isn't enough to make Nash remember all they shared. Nash's constant sneering and snarling at Brody and just being an all around douche bag wears Brody down but he still sticks around because he loves Nash that much. Nash is such a sweetheart in the beginning. His confusion and jealousy over Brody was so adorable I couldn't help but smile and chuckle at it. When Nash loses the memories of his time with Brody was excruciating because he becomes such an arrogant ass that all you want to do is punch him because of his belligerent attitude. But, strangely, I still liked Nash. You saw glimpses of Brody's Nash here and there, which made connecting with both characters very easy.

The plot of the story revolves around the after affects of Nash's constant accidents and finding out that there is someone out there trying to kill him. It's about Nash's double amnesia and Brody's deception because he wants to be with Nash in any way possible. It's actually very sweet. We learn about these characters and see how Brody reacts to the 180 degree mood change Nash takes.

In all honesty, I loved this book. It was very easy for me to get caught up in it and not want to put it down. In some aspects, it is a bit unrealistic but I had no problems with that. In fact, that was one of the reasons I enjoyed this story so much. The only problems I had with the book were the fact that during the time Nash was back home (with his second dose of amnesia) he had no problems showing off his body and it was like the scars he got from his first life-threatening injury just disappeared, not to be mentioned again. Another thing was the fact that whenever one of these characters got injured, it was mostly forgotten about after five or ten pages. Then there was the fact that a dog was brought in but then only brought up when it barked. There was no taking care of him, petting him or just bringing him into the story at all. It was a bit sad. I didn't really have a problem with this but the family and friends in this book seemed way overly touchy. I've never seen or heard of people petting, kissing or touching as much as these characters did.

In the end, this was an awesome story. I had a few things that annoyed me but they didn't ruin the book for me. I loved the characters enough to want to read their quest for happiness even if it blurred the lines of reality at times. IMO, this had a great set of characters and a fun, sweet and at times angsty story. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wouldn't be opposed to a sequel but more than that I loved Ms. Worrall's writing so I'll be looking forward to reading another book by her.